«Nice-Morning» newspaper. France.Thursday October 19, 2017

The expo Nigel Gray and Olga Tosi in the Museum of History and of Art of Villeneuve. (France)The Museum of History and Art exhibits until November 19 two artists, one painter and another sculptor. Olga Tosi was born in Russia, in Moscow. Currently she lives in France.She is a participant of more than 40 exhibitions in different countries and now shows two series of her works in the Museum of History and Art Villeneuve-Loubet, demonstrating the scale of her artistic palette. Landscapes and abstraction. The artist uses knife in his work and draws his inspiration from the surrounding worldNigel Gray is Irish of origin and lives in the south of France from then 30 years old. Sculptor, he works with stone, granite, sandstone, marble and clay. He draws inspiration from the works of Henri Moore and develops a personal art guided by the search for a harmony between matter and expression of thought.

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