She is known in Russia as the Moscow artist Olga currently lives and works in France and has surname of Tosi. She was born in Russia (Moscow region). Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Housing and Municipal Complex, Moscow College of Artistic Crafts, Larisa Tomilova’s Art School “Rosy”.
Member of the International Art Foundation
Member of the Union of Professional Artists of Russia.
Referred to in “The Art of Russia 2008” catalogue
Referred to in “The Names in the Art of Russia 2009” catalogue.
Awarded the medal of Talent and Calling by the Worldwide Alliance “Peacemaker” in 2009.
Participant of more than 40 exhibitions (Russia, France, Serbia, Bosnia, Spain).
Participant of international plein-airs in Serbia and Bosnia since September 11 till October 5, 2010.
Participant of VJ Kirsan’s project “Chromodynamics” (music and painting improvisation). Performances under the project: at the State Exhibition Hall “Art”, in OGI Street Gallery, Cinema Club (Olimpiysky), in the Museum of the House of Peoples’ Friendship, the Russian Academy of Art. Moscow.

Olga’s paintings are in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Serbia, Bosnia, in the State Gallery of Bosnia (Brčko), in the Museum of Peace of the Worldwide Alliance “Peacemaker” (Moscow).